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Giloy Neem Ras with Tulsi



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ContentAshokarishta is a boon to ayurveda and to the world. It helps reduce pain by its acting on nerves. It is effective in treating problems related to digestion.Ashokarishta functions as a uterine tonic and is said to help with heavy bleeding during periods, severe cramps, tiredness, and a burning sensation while menstruating.Ashokarishta is also effective in treating inflammation of the ovaries and uterus due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics.It also helps treat polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).Apart from addressing gynecological problems, it also functions as a diuretic (expelling excess water from the body through urine) and a detoxifying agent.It is also helpful in arthritis and has pain-relieving properties. There are many Benefits of Ashokarishta for Skin as Ashokarishta enhances skin complexion and protects the body from toxins due to its detoxification properties. It is also effective in treating acne, and dark patches. How to use :- Adults can consume 1-2 tbsp mixed with an equal quantity of water, preferably after meals. Or take as per the doctor’s recommendation. ingredients:- Ashoka, Amla,  Musta, Shunthi, Daruharidra, Utpara, AmalakiExperience the combination of ten roots formula for combating many of your health conditions related to nerves, muscles, bones, and joints. DASHMULARISHTA is a compound of ten roots along with other herbal extracts is a beneficial tonic for anaemia, especially for women after delivery care of a mother, cold, cough, digestive disorders,etc. The most important role it plays by the elimination of bacteria and gives a boost to our immune system by acting as a digestive stimulant helps in increasing appetite and reduces indigestion. Ingredients:- bilwa, arni, gambhari chhal, haritaki, pushkarmool, manijstha. How to use :-15-20 ml twice in a dayIt is traditional used to treat heart diseases as termed as the “Guardian of the heart.” ARJUNARISHTA is a liquid medicine beneficial for people with any type of heart ailment.This ayurvedic medicine has protective effects that can be used by those suffering from chest pain, blood pressure, congestive heart failure.Arjunarishta can be used to increase anaerobic cardiovascular performance. How to use:-Take 3-4 teaspoon Arjunarishta - Mix it with equal amounts of lukewarm water - Have it once or twice a day, preferably after meals Ingredients:-ArjunaMunakkaDhatakiJaggery
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Weight 450 g
Weight 450 g